Financial Rights of Shareholders in Limited Liability Companies

Financial Rights of Shareholders in Limited Liability Companies

Today we will talk about the financial rights of shareholders in limited liability companies Shareholders of limited liability companies have certain rights and obligations arising from their shareholding capacity Shareholder rights in LLCs are categorized under two headings Financial rights and participatory rights.

We will examine the financial rights of the shareholders the shareholders of an LLC are entitled to a share of the net profits generated according to the annual balance sheet of
The company dividends may be distributed only from the net profit for the fiscal year and from the reserve set aside for the purpose of the dividend distribution Liquidation is a process by which a company begins the process of dissolution and provides for the closure of all accounts to see these activities once the liquidation is completed the assets remaining after the solution of the company are distributed among the shareholders in proportion to their share of the capital foreign if the company Issues new capital shares

The shareholders have a prioritized right to purchase the new shares in proportion to their Capital shares unless otherwise stipulated in the Articles of Association or in a resolution related to Capital increase The preemption rights may be limited or revoked only in the presence of Justified Reasons by a resolution of the general assembly Turkish Commercial Code stipulates that an LLC migrants are Visa rights or a superior voting rights to certain shareholders if the votes are equal in a journal assembly resolution

These rights to be exercised they must be set forth in the IOA LLC shareholders have a right to transfer their shares the transfer of the capital shares signifies the transfer of the shareholder’s status this rights can be restricted or removed by the AOA of the company but even in such a case it is still possible to withdraw from the shareholding with Justified reasons

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