What is Industry registration certificate?

What is a Sanayi Sicil Belgesi? A Guide for Industrial Businesses

Sanayi Sicil Belgesi is a document obtained by industrial businesses that operate in the manufacturing industry, mining, quarrying, water and gas production sectors, and produce industrial products. According to Article 1 of the Sanayi Sicil Kanunu, the definition of industrial establishments is the places where a substance’s nature, shape, property or composition is changed, or these substances are processed by using machines, devices, tools or other means and forces, or simply by hand labor, partially or completely, in a continuous and serial production or production process. The mining and processing of minerals also fall under the scope of this law. Large construction sites such as power plants, shipyards, and businesses producing information technology and software also fall under this definition. Small craft shops and repair shops are not subject to this law.

To obtain a Sanayi Sicil Belgesi, the business owner or authorized representative must apply through the electronic system of the Sanayi Sicil Bilgi Sistemi on the e-Government or Ministry website (https://sanayisicil.sanayi.gov.tr).

For businesses with multiple production sites, a separate capacity report must be obtained for each production site, and a separate Sanayi Sicil Belgesi must be obtained for each address.

Before commencing production activities, industrial establishments must register with the Sanayi Sicil and obtain a pre-registration certificate. The industrial establishments must provide a letter indicating that they have registered with the Sanayi Sicil to obtain a business opening and operating permit from the relevant authorities. Newly opened industrial establishments must fill out the declaration form to be issued by the Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology and send it electronically to the Ministry within two months of starting their activities.

Here are the required documents for first-time applicants:

  • Petition
  • A certified copy of the Capacity Report obtained from the Chamber to which the business is affiliated (Industry, Trade, Craftsmen Chambers)
  • Sanayi Sicil Beyannamesi
  • Annual Business Register
  • The Establishment Trade Registry Gazette of the Business
  • Trade Registry Gazette showing the change of the title, if any
  • Notarized lease agreement or a copy of the lease agreement if the machines in the business or the business building is rented
  • Signature circular of the company representative or a sample signature statement of a real person
  • Authorization Certificate

The Sanayi Sicil Belgesi must be renewed every two years, and industrial establishments must inform the Ministry of any changes to the information provided during the registration process or any temporary or permanent closures.

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