Last Chance to Save on Taxes: Apply for Tax Base Increase Benefits Before May 31st!

Here are the main points regarding the application of the restructuring law numbered 7440 for those who want to benefit from tax and income increases: (Reach us for more information)

  • Individuals who want to benefit from income and tax increases under the restructuring law numbered 7440 must apply by May 31, 2023, and pay the taxes due in full or the first installment by June 30, 2023. If they choose the installment payment option, they need to pay in 12 equal installments (with a coefficient of 1.09).
  • The issue of whether individuals who have not registered their taxpayer status can benefit from income and tax increases is occasionally raised and questioned. This article discusses whether individuals who have never been taxpayers and have obtained taxable income are eligible for income and tax increases.
  • Making an income increase prevents tax audits and assessments for the years in which the increase was made. However, if there are multiple sources of income, the increase must be made for each relevant income source.
  • According to Article 5 of the law numbered 7440, individuals who have conducted business activities or earned income in the relevant years but kept their activities and incomes unknown to the tax office can also benefit from income and tax increases. However, they must increase their income based on the predetermined amounts for the income sources that they did not declare for the years 2018 to 2022.
  • Non-taxpayers who have earned income from multiple sources must make income increases for each relevant income source to avoid tax audits and assessments.
  • If a taxpayer has made an income increase for other income sources, tax audits and assessments may still be made for income sources that were not included in the increase for that year.
  • Individuals who keep books according to the balance sheet method or the business account method, as well as self-employed professionals, must make income increases that are not less than the predetermined minimum amounts for all income sources to avoid tax audits and assessments.
  • If an individual who has never had any taxpayer status makes an income increase, they become a taxpayer for the year they make the increase.

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