Explanation of the company establishment process in Turkey

Explanation of the company establishment process in Turkey

I. Introduction

A. Explanation of the company establishment process in Turkey
In order to establish a company in Turkey, entrepreneurs must be aware of the legal and administrative framework of the country, which includes registration and licensing procedures, tax and accounting regulations, labor laws, and commercial restrictions, among others, that may affect their business operations and investment decisions.
B. Importance of establishing a company in Turkey
C. Overview of the major steps involved in the process

II. Determine the Type of Company

A. Sole proprietorship
B. Limited liability companies (LLC)
C. Joint Stock Companies
D. Branch Office or Liaison Office
E. Cooperatives

III. Prepare Documents and Obtain Signatures

A. Determine the company name and obtain approval
B. Notarize and legalize the articles of association document
C. Obtain signatures from investors, partners, or shareholders
D. Obtain necessary licenses and permits

IV. Deposit Capital

A. Determine the required amount of capital deposit
B. Open a bank account for the company
C. Deposit the required capital

V. Registration and Publication Process

A. Register the company with the relevant authorities or chambers
B. Obtain the tax identification number (TIN)
C. Register with the Social Security Institution (SGK)
D. Publish the announcement of the company establishment in the Trade Registry Gazette

VI. Obtain the Licenses and Permits

A. Obtain the necessary licenses and permits from relevant authorities
B. Submit documents and meet the requirements
C. Obtain approval for the operation of the company

VII. Open The Company

A. Set up the company’s legal and business infrastructure
B. Hire and train employees
C. Create a legal department and implement compliance policies
VIII. Conclusion
A. Recap of the company establishment process in Turkey
B. Emphasize the importance of following legal and bureaucratic procedures
C. Tips and suggestions for successfully starting a company in Turkey.

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