Acquiring Turkish Citizenship

Acquiring Turkish Citizenship

To acquire Turkish citizenship, Turkey has reduced the necessary amounts

Foreigners who meet the following conditions can apply for a Turkish Citizenship

  • Purchasing immovable property worth at least US $250,000

In the date of 15.10.2018, the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre Directorate General of Foreign Affairs issued a Circular numbered 2018–12 and according to this circular,

People wishing to acquire citizenship;

Procedures to be made in the Land Registry

The value of the real estates purchased between 12.01.2017 -18.09.2018 at least 1.000.000 USD . the amount must be at least 250.000 USD for the real estates received after 19.09.2018.

The valuation report showing the market value of the real estate is required. The date of the valuation report may be the date most three months prior to the application.

The figure on the deed cannot be less than the number in the valuation report. In order to determine the value of the real estate, the effective sales rate at the date of the transaction is taken into account.

The amount of the sales fee should be made through the banks

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